Ragi – Nutritious and Healthy food for babies

The healthy eating habit starts early…

  • As parents, the biggest struggle is to prepare a healthy food for our kids. Wondering, Ragi is too healthy for your kids. You can introduce it to your baby once they complete six months.
  • Ragi prevents malnutrition in babies.
  • It provides an adequate amount of energy.
  • Ragi is extremely nutritious and it helps your kid’s overall health especially for bone development.
  • Eating Ragi is most useful for children during their teething years because of its rich content of calcium, iron and amino acid.
  • Regular consumption of ragi boosts the immunity in children health.
  • Ragi induces the release of growth hormones. And it helps control blood sugar in obese children.
  • Ragi can be best healthy food option for your child.

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