Top Benefits of Millet Vermicelli – Millet Revolution

Now Millets have become a solution to lifestyle disorders, the revolution of grains in the recent times have marked a major policy shift, the government of many states, dieticians and manufacturers have decided to promote millets by-products and brandings like millet vermicelli, cookies, and snacks. Various millets like Bajara, Jowar, and Ragi are catching up awareness for a conscious healthy living. This nutrient-rich grain which is gluten-free and low in glycemic index is making a quick comeback in the Indian agrarian landscape, development agencies and farmers in the past have

Ragi – Nutritious and Healthy food for babies

The healthy eating habit starts early… As parents, the biggest struggle is to prepare a healthy food for our kids. Wondering, Ragi is too healthy for your kids. You can introduce it to your baby once they complete six months. Ragi prevents malnutrition in babies. It provides an adequate amount of energy. Ragi is extremely nutritious and it helps your kid’s overall health especially for bone development. Eating Ragi is most useful for children during their teething years because of its rich content of calcium, iron and amino acid. Regular

Health Benefits of Ragi & Easy Ragi Recipes

Health Benefits of Ragi One of the most nutritious food and easy to digest. Ragi is rich in calcium. It helps for bone development and prevention of bone diseases. Ragi is a good choice for losing weight. It contains an amino acid called tryptophan which reduces appetite. It helps in relaxing the body naturally. Ragi is also rich in Antioxidants; it prevents causing cancer and ageing because of cell damage. Ragi is also a rich source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol. It is an excellent baby food. It’s useful for the