Vermicelli Nuts Idly – Favorite Meal Option

Vermicelli Nuts Idli

Idly is one of the healthiest dishes from South Indian cuisine as they are naturally fermented and steamed to retain the nutrients. It is a popular breakfast recipe that is simple, delicious and quick to make.

Vermicelli nuts Idly is a great healthy and delicious recipe which does not need any fermentation but rather can be cooked instantly. It is the lightest and healthiest Indian food option. This recipe is made with semolina and is one of the quick fix breakfast recipes when one is running short of time. Experience the goodness of soft Idly – made of vermicelli. Light up your days with this healthy snack.

§  Preparation Time – 20 minutes

§  Cooking Time – 10 minutes

§  Recipe Category – Dinner/Snack/Breakfast

§  Recipe Cuisine – South Indian


o   Ghee/oil – 1 tbsp

o   Curry leaves – a handful

o   Mustard – 1 tsp

o   Urad dhal – 1 tsp

o   Roasted Rava – 1 cup

o   Roasted vermicelli – 1 cup

o   Curd – ½ cup


Add ghee or oil in a pan. Then add mustard, urad dhal, curry leaves to the hot oil. Leave it aside.

In another pan, add roasted Rava, roasted vermicelli, to this add the tempered mustard, urad dhal, and curry leaves. To this add curd.

Mix all the ingredients to a consistency that is usually found in regular Idlies. The entire ingredients should be uniformly mixed before placing them in an Idly cooker.

Grease the Idly Plates with oil for a non-sticky Idly. Steam the Vermicelli Idly till done. Once cooked, leave some standing time to take them out from the Idly Plates for a perfect shape.

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