Anil Women’s Day Contest – Take a Picture with a Woman You Love

The International Women’s Day is a unique worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements while calling for gender equality.

Women’s Day is an important day to celebrate the beauty and strength of every woman. The day is celebrated to signify the importance of women in the society and in our family and around us so that one can appreciate all the women around us and make her feel proud of being a woman.

Let’s Celebrate Womanhood

The woman is the only one who gives life to a life. She has the power to nurture, create and shape up lives. No creature but a woman can give you everything from love to respect to strength. She does everything without expecting anything from the other person. Her voice is tender during our deepest troubles and carries a great depth of knowledge and strength.

It’s incredible that a woman plays various roles with love and enthusiasm. She plays the role as a mother, sister, wife, daughter, employee, friend, mentor and many other roles. She is indeed the pillar of the society on whose shoulder there is the onus to take forward the existence of mankind in a smoother way. She is generous, passionate, and audacious and she sometimes proves to be an absolute solution to all the problems.

On her shoulder lies the responsibility of building the dreams of each of the members of the family. We should be proud of having a woman in our lives. It’s time to encourage her to showcase her extraordinary strength and help her nurture the divine power bestowed upon her.

Appreciate women around you

Women should be given special treatment on this day to appreciate the efforts she puts into all endeavors she treads on. She should be made to feel special.

Cards, chocolates or a message can be sent to the lady you want to appreciate. You can also make her day special by going out for a movie with her, helping her in the household etc.


The theme for Women’s Day 2018 is #AnilFoodsWomensDay by Anil Foods. In today’s time, social media has become a platform where the community participates with its members and tries to raise awareness. Anil Foods has decided #AnilFoodsWomensDay as its theme so that men or women can use the power of social media and show how much they care for the woman they love most or admire most.

You can participate in this campaign this Women’s Day and show appreciation for the women you love.

How to participate – Guidelines

Participate in Anil Women’s Day Contest! Upload, Tag & Win!

§  Take a picture with the woman you love (Mom, Sis, Bestie, Lover, Grandma, Well wisher, Teacher, Mentor, Friend etc) and upload in your Facebook Profile.

§  Tag Anil Foods Official Facebook Page ( & Use #AnilFoodsWomensDay Hashtag.

§  Winners will be selected with the highest Engagement activities (Likes, Shares & Comment) till the closing date (11-03-2018) @ 23:59 Hrs

§  Winners will receive Gift Hampers from Anil Foods. Contest starts on 08-03-2018 and ends at 11-03-2018 Midnight (23:59).

Hurry Now. Show that you care for the women around you.

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