Salt is born of the purest parents the sun and the sea” -Pythagoras
One natural taste, the taste, and necessity of life, its presence is not felt but its absence makes all foods tasteless. A natural cure used since ancient times in all historic communities to pre-historic culture as a seasoning, condiment, preservative a disinfectant, deodorizer, stabilizer of soil for construction, softener, a component of the ceremonial offering, a unit of exchange, and a symbol of friendship.

It is estimated that there are 14,000 different uses of salt. Salty flavor is the most natural flavor of all time. Manufacture of salt is one of the oldest chemical industries; Salt enhances other flavors like balancing the sweetness and suppressing other flavors like bitterness. Salt contains sodium which is needed for body function something the body cannot produce itself which helps to transport oxygen and nutrients. And also essentially maintains the body’s overall fluid balance.

Salt facts

• The word salary comes from salt when ancient Roman soldiers were paid with salt
• Considered as the basic currency
• Every cell in the body contains salt,
• Salt plays a crucial role in maintaining human health and survival,
• 75% of the salt we consume is hidden in the foods we buy,
• Salt was used to preserve meat and mummies
• Sodium, potassium and essential electrolytes help in nerve impulses and enhance brain function.

Crystal salt vs. free flow salt

Crystal salt and table salt are equal in terms of the amount of sodium content by weight, table salts come from mines and have anti-caking additives and the trace minerals will be eliminated during processing, free-flowing salt contains potassium iodide and known as “iodized” salt.

Sea salt

• Obtained by evaporation of sea water.
• Minimal processing.
• Retains trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium.
• More taste than table salt.
• Coarser, irregular compound crystals.
• Pure white in color varies in color depending on trace minerals.
• Aficionados presence affects the taste.
• Depending on the water quality.

Free flow or Table salt

• Fine textured
• Pure white
• Free flowing easy to incorporate in recipes.

Salts service

Outside of making foods salty and enhancing the flavor of subtle ingredients, adding salts helps certain molecules in those foods to easily release into the air and giving out an aroma of that food which very important to perceive taste. The sodium chemical is good for teeth ’s, saltwater mouthwash is a great cure for wounds, salt increases pH balance in the mouth making it hard for abrasive bacteria to survive in this alkaline environment.

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