Anil Foods Recipe Contest – Share Your Wonder Recipe With Us

Cooking competitions can be fun and exciting because of the suspense and wonders of what might bring in the end. If you love cooking or you are a great cook who can make tasty food, then we invite you to participate in our cooking contest. Anyone who has passion for food, a bit of creative inspiration, and loves the thrill of competition, they can be part of this contest. All you need is to just take a few hours away, get inspired and cook your best dish using Anil Food Products and bring out the great taste out of it.

Participate in our cooking contest

Our endless craving for great food and our intense aspiration for creating them has made us explore many ways to find expression. That’s why we decided to launch a competition called Anil Foods Recipe Contest.

Show us your innovative culinary skills by employing your creativity and inspiration to bring out the taste extraordinary. Take part in our contest and cook your family friendly dishes or gourmet creations or any other that touches your fantasy.

How to get inspired for the contest

For great recipe ideas, you can look in many places for inspiration. You can look for inspiration from a cookbook, magazine or the Internet to create dishes using our products.

Always the winning recipe stands out in the crowd with its exclusive unique taste and look. Cook with passion and get the flavour that cannot be forgotten.

Explore with our Anil Products

Any recipe entered in a cooking or recipe contest must be your original work.  You can use current culinary trends to cook exotic dishes with our heritage products or give a classic recipe a modern twist to have chances to win.

We want to see your original take on a dish and what you can do to make it special. Use several of our products and with different ideas, cook dishes to delight the palate.  This will increase your chances of ending up in the winner’s circle.

Use Recipe Card to Submit

Turn your secret recipe into a stylish step by step guide with a recipe card. Your recipe matters most to us. Share your secret recipe using Facebook or Contest page or mail.

Take a picture of the dish (product pack cover must) prepared by you, write down the recipe and send it to us:

You can also share in our facebook page (@Anilfoods) or in our recipe contest page (  to win your prize money of Rs. 250/- for each creative recipes(product pack cover must).

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