Amazing Benefits of Eating Soya

Soya chunks are a high protein meat substitute. Vegetarians have always been benefited from this alternative food protein whose texture resembles that of meat. Soya chunks are obtained from soya beans at the time of extraction of soybean oil. Also known as meal-maker, these high-protein foods are available in the form of chunks, nuggets, mini-chunks, and granules for those wishing to reap the health benefits of this wonder food.

Nutritional Value of Soya

Complete Protein

The soya beans that contain meat alternatives are complete proteins which have all the essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks that create protein in the human body. The body requires large amounts of protein for cell repair, immune function, and muscle growth.  The recommended daily intake of protein for women is 46 grams and for men, it is 56 grams.


The primary fuel source of our body is carbohydrates. We need a daily intake of 250 grams of carbohydrates in our daily diet. An average adult needs 130 grams of carbohydrates. These meat substitutes vary from regular meat in their composition of carbohydrates. Regular meat does not have carbohydrate content while soya chunks have a high amount of carbohydrates.


There is a high concentration of iron present in soya chunks.  For the oxygen transport in our body, we need this electrolyte mineral in sufficient quantities. Iron deficiency causes fatigue, physical weakness, and a compromised immune system. Women aged 19-50 need 18 milligrams a day and men need 8 milligrams a day.


For the strengthening of bones and teeth and aiding muscle contractions, calcium is needed by the human body. Soya chunks contain over 530 milligrams of calcium per 3.5 –ounce serving. The daily recommended intake of this mineral is 1000 milligrams for women aged 19-50 while and for men aged 19-70.

Health Benefits

It improves the overall health of an individual. Every 100 grams of soya chunks contain about 336 calories and can be excellent add up to your diet. There are many health benefits attributed to the use of soya chunks. They play a big role in the prevention of many chronic diseases and continue to be a high priority for food scientists around the world.  It is helpful for diabetics and growing children. Its phytonutrients are good antioxidants that give protection from coronary heart diseases and cancer.

How to cook soya chunks?

There are several ways to cook these protein-rich soya chunks. They are dry when you purchase them from the stores. They need to be reconstituted in water which causes them to become spongy. Firstly, eat water in a pan and bring it to boil. Then add soya chunks and switch off the flame. Cover the lid and set aside for some time. After 15-20 minutes, open the lid and remove the excess water from the pan. Squeeze water from the chunks and they are ready to be used in gravies, fries, or salads in any way that you may prefer. Cooking with this textured chunks require preparation and practice to achieve an appetizing flavor and aroma.

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